A+ File Protection 2.7: A+ File Protection will hide/embed a file by encrypting it within another file

A+ File Protection 2.7

File Protection is a simple solution to assure the privacy of your sensitive files. A+ File Protection is an easy to use tool which will hide/embed a file by encrypting it within another file - a BPM picture file. The carrier file shall look the same as the original without anyone to suspect than it also contains a hidden file. The BMP file will look the same and can be viewed as the original BMP file after the intended file is hidden inside it.

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Recover Excel Sheet Protection Password 5.5: Recover Excel Sheet protection password by PDS XLS Password Unlocker Software

Recover Excel Sheet Protection Password 5.5

file password and unlock xls protection. In some conditions you lost or forget your excel protection password and unable to open the file, so you need to get your XLS file password to open it instantly, then try PDS Excel Password Remover program and recover excel sheet protection password. With help of this program you can speedily scan and get excel file password. Remove excel sheet protection password immediately and recover modify password or

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Easy Folder Lock 3.1: Easy Folder Lock - Best Software to Hide, Lock, Password Protect Files & Folders

Easy Folder Lock 3.1

Protection All the confidential files and folders are password protected with 256-bit AES encrytion Technology. Only you who knows the password can view, open, edit, copy and delete them. 3. Protection Modes You can switch protection modes among "Hide", "Lock" or "Hide & Lock" to meet your needs of protecting different documents. 4. Software Self-Protection The Self-Protection Mechanism which automatically records password attempts and avoid documents

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FIPS Encryption Protection for Files, USB Sticks, USB Drives, CD-ROMs, DVDs and Endpoint Security DeltaCrypt FIPS Encryption Protection and Endpoint Security for mobile device an

FIPS Encryption Protection for Files, USB Sticks, USB Drives, CD-ROMs, DVDs and Endpoint Security

Protection (RSA keys, AES Rijndael algorithm) to secure sensitive files and folders on computer hard drives, laptops, network servers, emails, USB sticks and drives, CD-ROMs and DVDs. DeltaCrypt provides computer file and folder protection, mobile device protection, end-point security as well as offers development and consulting services. DeltaCrypt computer file and folder protection secures data-at-rest and file exchanges. Any file format can be

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SysInfoTools PDF Protection 2.0: SysInfoTools PDF Protection software, apply security parameters to any PDF file.

SysInfoTools PDF Protection 2.0

Protection Tool from SysInfoTools is stand-alone application which means that Adobe Acrobat (or any other product) is not required. PDF Protection Tool from SysInfoTools is 100% result oriented and very fast than any other PDF protection imposer tool. It does not modify the existing content of the file and keep the document original as before. This sophisticated software tool take a simple PDF file as input and create a copy of it for user`s security

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Dark Files This easy-to-use program allows you to protect your files and folders

Dark Files

files and folders (including subdirectories) in various ways. You can hide them or prevent others from deleting, renaming, executing, or modifying your files in any way. The Wildcard feature allows you to specify which files you want to protect (for example, all EXE or DLL files). The file system protection works independently of the program , so if you even close the program the file protection will still work. Built-in support for multiple user

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KeepSafe 1.1: Protect all of your most important files as you work on them – in real time!

KeepSafe 1.1

file protection and revisioning program. It offers a seamless way to protect all of your most important files as you work on them – in real time! It does not replace a full system backup, but rather provides protection during those times between backups and only works on files you actually change – saving disc space. When installed, KeepSafe can be configured to protect certain file types (i.e.-.doc, .xls, .pst, etc.) or entire directories (i

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Undeluxe 1.00: Undeluxe is an undelete tool which offers advanced file protection and recovery

Undeluxe 1.00

Undeluxe is an advanced file protection and recovery. It`s an undelete utility similar to the Windows Explorer recycle bin but works with all application. It offers a rich set of features which allow you to fine tune the bevavior of deleted files. This program can even be used as a backup utility for document writers. Inclusion and exclusion filters as well as advanced maintenance features give you complete control.

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Exe Password 2004: Protect any EXE-file (also in the network) with a password.

Exe Password 2004

Exe Password allows you to protect any EXE-file with its own password. In doing so, this password is stored directly in the EXE-file. It is extremely easy to add any password to a file: Just select the desired file on the desktop/in the start menu or in Explorer, choose the context menu (right mouse click), select password protection, enter password – finished. From now on a password must be entered when the EXE-file is started.

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Breaking PDF Password Security Breaking PDF password security program allows all permission limitation PDF file

Breaking PDF Password Security

protection software encrypts and decrypts owner password protection. Unlock owner password restriction on PDF file then use feature such as copying, commenting, printing, editing, modifying, form filling, assembling, annotation, copying content for accessibility, etc. Software support batch process to encrypt and decrypt both password protection PDF file that save your precious time. Software has unlocked and locks thousand of PDF file in a single

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